Friday, 26 October 2012

Pack up your troubles


So I have spent the last day and a half packing ready to go away tomorrow. I am mega excited now and I am worse than the children for not getting to sleep thing night before. I suddenly seem to remember all the things I haven't packed yet as soon as I start drifting off too.
With Fibro it seems to take me twice as long to pack everything. This is partly due to it hurting to pack but also due to the sheer amount of things you have to take with you medication wise. The children also need all their medications packing too. You need a whole large bag just to contain the medications in which is a bit of a nightmare.



So I am feeling super stressed. Still trying to get things in the cases and make sure I have got everything. That's a bit difficult when you have a mind like a sieve.
I also have to work out whether or not to take my crutches with me. I know I will need them but my mum doesn't want me to take them with me. I am not sure why she doesn't want me to take them maybe it's as I am expected to help carry cases as my dad is also disabled. If I go by how I was with a couple of days in Liverpool I will need the crutches.



I am not the best traveller in the world I tend not to be able to relax and get quite stressed over the small things another Fibro thing so I am told. The children are actually not too bad it just tends to be me as I am tired and don't get any rest on the train. It's also as the night before I can never take all of my medications as I will never be in a fit state to get up enough to be with it to travel the next day. Thank goodness this time we are going down on a mid morning train and not an early one.

I will now sign off for a week or so whilst I go and enjoy a well earned break with my family and I will blog again when I get back.


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