Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Unexpected and prolonged trip.

Travelling with Fibro.

So I have just come back from an unexpected trip to Liverpool. The plan was a day trip but it turned into a long weekend. The journey began fine until we got to Birmingham where the train to Liverpool was cancelled. We then had to get another train to Wolverhampton and change there. What a nightmare when we arrived. Apparently copper thieves caused all the delays etc but the trains kept being cancelled diverted etc. Our train changed platform 5 times!!! By the time we finally got on the train I was feeling sick and shaking in pain. The train was crowded and packed that no one could sit let alone get through to the toilets get still the guard was telling people to move up. Poor Evie needed a wee 30 mins away from Liverpool too. By the time we got to Liverpool I was shattered and the thought of delays etc on the way back added with the football crowds was not doing the Fibro any good so I booked in to a lovely hotel. 

Dock view from outside our window.

After taking care of the business I had to see to, we went to our hotel. We had a lovely Dock view which the children loved. We then had to go and find somewhere for food and have a look round. The girls even got to stroke/hold an owl! Needless to say by the time I got back to the hotel I could barely walk and Fibro was in full force. As my mum put it I was hobbling like a 90 year old.



So during the night sods law I had to play nurse mummy yet again with the youngest with yet another tummy bug! I woke up the next morning in agony and could hardly move so we booked into another hotel for a second night.

Girls and Nanny
The Liver building

Evie loving the Liverpool wheel.


Although the extended stay was not planned we did have a lovely time and Liverpool is defiantly a city that I would visit again. I have to remember I cannot do things as before and there and back in a day is almost impossible. I am starting to see my limits. We did see some museums that we local to us which the girls enjoyed, went on the Liverpool eye and went round the docks. This has been a valuable lesson for me into realising my limits however frustrating this is!

Girls in their new outfits brought from shopping!


So after being nurse mummy to Evie, Monday night Lillie started with sickness. I am exhausted with it all! So far this bug has visited Evie 3 times and Lillie just the 2. To be honest this is all I needed with trying to get ready for our holiday this weekend.

Just call me nurse mummy!


So I have finally got round to doing a list of clothes for us to take on holiday, now I need to make sure I get everything washed and packed. Some of this got put on a back burner as I slept all day yesterday after being worn out! I managed to get the assisted passage booked to help us on the trains for our journey let's just hope they do their jobs now!


Lessons Learnt.
The trip to Liverpool has taught me:

That I cannot do what I could do before.
That the weather has a significant affect on my fibro and I can do more in the summer than in the colder damper weather due to pain levels.
That even though I thought I was doing better at pacing I have obviously got worse since then so need to re assess this and my capabilities.
The main thing is that no matter how much pain I was in etc I still had a really lovely time with the girls and had fun visiting somewhere I have never been before!

Just because your in pain doesn't mean you lose the ability to have fun!

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