Thursday, 25 October 2012

The power of a blog.


The power of Blogs.

For a long time now I have been following a blog about a little girl who had been battling a form of cancer that was terminal. Her name was Stella and she was 3.5 years old. I don't want this to be sad post as it's not what her family would have wanted but more of a reflection post on my behalf. This one child has taught me more than I possibly thought I could learn especially through a blog.

Stella wasn't dying from Cancer but she was well and truly living with her Cancer. She showed that despite doctors saying she only had a few months to live she lived way over 18 months from diagnosis. She lived to see not one brother born into the world but 2!

She had a lust for life enjoying trips out and eating ice cream! She showed that despite what life throws at you life is there to be lived and grab it with both hands. When she lost the ability to use her arms that did not stop her enjoying things instead she learn't to paint using her mouth. When she lost her speech she learnt to communicate by sticking her tongue out.

Life is about learning to adapt to the situations that are thrown at us. Maybe we could all learn a few things from Stella.

'Don't postpone joy until you have learnt all of your lessons joy is your lesson.'

Alan Cohen.


In memory of Stella Joy  18th April 2009 - 22nd October 2012

'The light of a distant star continues to reach the Earth long after the star itself has gone.'

Taken from Stella Obituary.

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