Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's this thing called Fibromyalgia

I feel like I am a person of 2 lives. The life before, my past life and my new life. Each different in it's own way. It's not that I chose this route, had some mad epiphany or even had a lotto win for me to choose to live my life differently. Things are different life has changed........

My past life:

I was happy and as carefree, a fun loving single girl always the life and the soul of the party. I had lots of energy and was always filling up my time with exciting things.

Partying Hard!
Then something changed. Like a thief in the night it came and caught me off guard stole things from me when I wasn't looking. At first it was little things getting more tired achy etc I put it down to stress becoming a mummy. It never got any better. Then the thief got greedy slowly and slowly stealing and robbing me of what people take for granted.

May 2005 one of the last times I remember feeling 'normal'.
I then declined, swapping my nights out partying for my bed. Social life dwindled. Who wants to be with someone who cannot be the person they used to be? I became a regular at the drs, and was in and out of hospital like it was my favourite hotel except the room service is rubbish. Friends seemed to drift off maybe they thought I was lazy? putting it on? Or just weren't worth having in the first place? Those that have stayed are worth having.

I was prodded and poked so many different symptoms and nothing seemed to fit. The drs were puzzled and began to say it was in my head. I was in pain and hit rock bottom. Was it me? Was it in my head? Was I lazy? So many questions yet no answers came forward.

Eventually after some suggestions and many exhaustive tests, hospital stays and trips to the drs there came this word. It's Fibromyalgia they said.

My life now:
I am coming to terms with this condition called Fibromyalgia or Fibro as I refer to it. It does not define me as a person but it is a part of me. I am still me. I may have had to change and adapt to life with this debilitating condition but I am who I am.

I still have my sense of humour the fibro hasn't robbed me of that!
I am no longer the Heather of the past that life has almost died so to speak. I am finding a new path in life, it's not what I imagined or planned and it's painful and scary. I have almost had to go through a mourning process of what I had.

I am now Heather, 29, single mum of 2 children Lillie 7 and Evie 4. I enjoy holidays, watching films and documentaries and spend a lot of time on facebook! I enjoy seeing friends when I can, but most of all I enjoy being with my children. What little energy I do have I spend on my children being a mummy and having fun with them.

I just also happen to also be a person who also suffers with a disability this thing called Fibromyalgia.


I have this thing.... it's called Fibromyalgia!

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