Saturday, 1 December 2012

Internet Hate

Hurtful words.

This past week I was rushed into hospital and I had my appendix removed and they found that my pelvis was full of blood probably from another ruptured ovarian cyst. I also went in with a bladder infection and it developed into a kidney infection due to my renal problems and complications.

I made a facebook status update on my health and I was very upset to find this was hijacked and my children were brought into this. I am so upset about this and the fact that I couldn't delete posts until I had to discharge myself from the hospital due to it all. I made the post to inform friends and family know how I was instead of having to inform people with the same message over and over again.

I haven't got the energy to write anymore tonight as I am too upset and poorly. Hopefully my next post will be a more happy post and not an attack on a disabled person with FIBRO!


  1. Oh no my sweet, I'm so sorry. I don't understand people who can sit behind a screen and attack those who can't do much about it :( I hope you are feeling much better now and sending lots of love xx

  2. What a scary time - and so hard going. Esp when you are doing a sterling
    job of sharing on the internet. I hope whoever did this will come to justice. I know how hard it is recovering from surgery with fibro, so please know people are thinking of you, hug, xxxx

  3. Thankyou for your comments ladies. I am feeling much better about it all now and have got rid of those that bring me down I don't need them!