Thursday, 20 December 2012

She's making a list she's checking it twice!

Be prepared.

Today I went to the benefits advice centre for a meeting with one of the workers to get help to finally complete my DLA form. I had to make a list of things to go on the form including medications etc. Doing the preparation beforehand was tiring but it was worth it as it made things easier even though I had to go with a list as long as my arm. One thing I found when we we're doing the form was just how much I do struggle at times when it is broken down. The lady who helped me complete my form was very understanding, and I just hope now that my claim doesn't take too long to process and I get a favourable outcome. I know I could really do with the extra money that it brings.


More appointments.

I have also had another doctors appointment. I have such a great GP and I had a good chat whilst at my appointment and I never feel rushed. I have now changed one of my fibro meds and moved onto a newer version of it called pregablin I just hope this helps. My vitamin D levels we're low again and I am back on high strength tablets to help bring that up. He also went through my latest rheumatologist's letter and it seems I have now been discharged, would have been nice if the rheumy told me herself at the appointment.


Evie has also had her appointment at CAMHS (children and adolescent mental health service). We didn't have enough time so we have an appointment to go back in January.  I am not sure how to take this meeting as we were going through her life and things that could be impacting on her. I really don't want them to try and pin it all on my health as there are children who experience a lot more and are fine. They did stress though again that she is highly intelligent. I suppose this is something we will have to wait and see with.

Ups and Downs.
I have been feeling quite jolly getting into the festive cheer and excitement of Christmas. I have been busy wrapping and trying to get everything ready. I have my last few bits to wrap later then I am done. phew!

The downs for me have come in the form of a couple of falls. I don't know if I have been overdoing it or that my B12 levels are getting low again. I am due for another B12 jab in a few weeks so I am hoping that is just it.


Christmas Lists.
Whilst the girls have made endless lists for Santa and others have long wish lists I just hope that I have a flare free Christmas.


Thought I would end on a little song......


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