Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sleep sleep where for art thou sleep?

Has anyone seen the sandman?

One of the symptoms of Fibro is insomnia and non restorative sleep. People with Fibro have poor quality and quantity of sleep. It seems this week that the sandman seems to have forgotten me completely! In a four day period I only managed 4 hours sleep. I can tell you that this is physically and emotionally draining.

Now people will ask you why you can't sleep and for me it's a number of reasons. Some is it's just the fibro, some is pain preventing sleep or waking me up, restless legs, IBS, stress, and also needing some of my pills increased as I have got used to them. Now lots of people have got opinions about what you should and shouldn't do to try and get to sleep but currently I am finding it hard to stay asleep for long then a few hours.


It's at times like this that I regret all the sleep I refused as a child and that I didn't get as I was too busy out partying in my late teens. How on earth I used to be able to go and do a full days work after hardly any sleep and a night of partying is beyond me! I just wish that I could go to sleep at a set time and wake up at a set time and have refreshing sleep! Is that too much to ask? Seems to be with Fibro!


It's interesting that when you read up on sleep deprivation studies many people report symptoms that are linked to Fibro. Sleep deprivation is used as a from of torture some places and I know why as it has a massive effect on how you are. When I am struggling with lack of sleep my fibro fog is 1000 times worse and my pain levels rocket. I get to the point of exhaustion.

Snow snow and more snow.

Yet again we've had more snow here. I have seriously had enough of it now. It is lovely for a couple of days but the disruption is causes is a joke. I have been waiting for a parcel to be delivered that should have arrived last Friday and I still haven't had it because they wont drive up my road. The pavements are like ice rinks and are very dangerous. To prove this my girls school is only a few roads away from where we live yet yesterday I managed to fall over 3 times on the way to collect them. Here in Britain we just can't cope.

Ice means that many people who are elderly or disabled become housebound and isolated from everything. If you can please remember to check on your neighbours to make sure they are ok in this weather and have got everything they need.


Looking forward.

During times like this I find it's good to find something positive to look forward to. For me I am currently now counting down until the Easter holidays and going on holiday again. It sounds like a long time away but it's just under 12 weeks until we go! I am always aware of the 12 week mark as that is when it is best to book the train tickets to get the cheapest advanced fares. We all love going away. Hopefully this horrible cold weather will have shifted by then and we might see this thing that is rumoured to be in the sky called the sun.


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