Monday, 21 January 2013

Agent Poppy Puppy reporting for duty.

Vital Statistics.

Poppy Puppy.
AGE: Probably around 6 months old.
GENDER: Female.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Sweden - Travelled to the UK via Ikea.
FUR COLOUR: Light brown body, dark brown back with white boots, face and tail tip.
LIKES: Children and being cuddled.
DISLIKES: Being alone.
LIVES: Nursery but holidays every weekend.
MISSION: To visit all of Frog groups houses at weekends and have as much fun as possible. Also to ensure all Frog group parents complete the photo diary and return to nursery on Mondays with Poppy.                 

Poppy Puppy Visits Evie.

Evie introduced me to her big sister Lillie and we all
went outside in the snow and built a  little snowman.
We all enjoyed doing some dressing up!
Evie found me one of her dolls purples dresses to wear.

Evie's Mummy and Nanny took us all to the cinema to see Ice Age 4.
We sat at the back!

My friend Dogger the Dog came too and we shared a seat!
Everyone went to Ikea for hot dog and chips. It smelt yummy!
Evie took me for a ride on the horse merry go round
as we were good when Evie's Mummy was in the shops.

Evie took me to her Grandad's house.
I made friends with his budgie called Minty.

As there has been lots of snow Evie, Lillie and I
built a snowman in their Grandad's back garden too!

This is a big photo of the snowman we made!


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