Thursday, 21 February 2013

The need to escape.


There are times when things get too much and all you can see is the crap that lies in front of you. It's at times like this that you want and need to escape. I have needed to escape recently. Escape the crazy around me. Hide from the crap and try and have a chance to clear my head and recharge.

My escapism took the form of going away on a break. Myself and my girls and my mum went to the York in the UK for a long weekend. We escaped the crazy that was surrounding us here and packed our stuff and boarded the train. However it's never as simple as that and the journey was tiring for me but when we got there I was able to relax more and enjoy some quality family time.

When you are not right in the middle of a situation you can often work through it and try and process things more. I found that the break helped me to do just that. However having some time away is never always straight forward as I found myself spending a whole afternoon at the local hospital with my youngest who gave us a scare. She was sick and had a headache and was complaining of her neck aching and then started developing a rash that wouldn't fade under pressure. 2 doctors and a nurse later and she was admitted onto a ward for observation. She finally saw 2 more kids doctors who finally said it was an upper respiratory tract infection and the spots were burst blood vessels from being sick. What a long day but I cannot thank the hospital enough as they were so good and they were doing the right thing by observing her and they we're all lovely staff.

So the break had a few of it's own stresses but all in all despite Evie being poorly we had a great time. We extended our stay there by an extra 2 nights to make up for some of the time we lost and to make sure Evie was well enough for the journey back.

So a break away helped me to escape and emotionally get my head in order but boy have I paid for it physically. I have spent the last 2 days in bed in pain from over doing it but it was worth it to have some quality time with my girls. York is such a historic and beautiful city and I was glad I got to visit it again!


The steps that have hurt my knees so badly- never again!
My 2 monkeys hiding from me!
Big kid mummy had to have 1 ride too!
View of the Minster from the York wheel.

Whilst I managed to escape and get a break it gives you time to reflect but going away can also highlight things that you are no longer able to do and this can be sad. For instance I had to keep stopping and resting all the time yet I still managed to overdo it. Luckily the girls understand that my legs get bad and I am in pain so they are very good and accommodating. It can still be upsetting though when you just want to be able to run after your girls but all you can manage is a slow painful hobble.

However, I know they appreciate what I do for them and how much I try for them as my eldest who is 7 often says so. She will say that she knows that I try very hard and that I am in pain and that she loves me so much as I do a good job. She has also said that I do a lot more with them than other parents who have no excuse. I have found it's about doing what you can do and being honest when you can or cannot do something. I explain to them how I am feeling pain wise and it helps them to understand what sorts of things we will or won't be doing together that day.

Some wonderful friends of mine have developed a fabulous book that helps children to understand just this concept based on using a colour system to explain how you feel. It's aimed at children in the age range of 2-7 years so my 2 fit the audience perfectly. The reason I like it as it doesn't focus on what you can't do more on what you can do and when. It helps to explain invisible illness to young children.


For more information please visit:

Due for release March 2013 on Amazon but we have been lucky enough to get to use this before.

Plug over with now but I really do think it is worth sharing this with people as there was nothing out there to use with young children! Please feel free to like and support the facebook page as it will keep you up to date with things.

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